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Granny Storm Crow's List - July 2016
In the news today, the DEA has loosened up their restrictions on cannabis research slightly, while keeping it as a tightly controlled Schedule 1 drug – having no currently accepted medical use in the United States, a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision, and a high potential for abuse.
Meanwhile, here in the real world, over 33 million American citizens (1 in every 8 adults) admit to currently using cannabis. Several polls show about 55% of voters support full legalization of cannabis, with an overwhelming 89% calling for medical legalization. A recent video shows the president’s eldest daughter sneaking a quick puff on a joint – just like countless numbers of ordinary high school graduates have done at concerts since the 1960s. At least five more states will vote on legal recreational use this November. 
Illegal or not, cannabis use is a part of our American culture. 
We now have 25 states and Washington DC that accept medical marijuana. Another 16 states have “CBD only” medical marijuana laws.  That makes 41 states that have recognized that cannabis and its individual phytocannabinoids do have medical uses. This fall, the public will vote to add even more states to that total. Yet the DEA insists that having 41 states recognizing the medical use of cannabis does not constitute “accepted medical use in the United States”! 
Malia Obama has had her puff and will face no serious consequences from it (beyond what her parents will do to her). She will still attend Harvard as planned, but that is not the case for many other students! Our government “robs” thousands of our young adults of a brighter future by denying them student loans and grants, because they, like the president’s daughter, had a puff and got caught at it. How many bright young minds have we lost to this destructive policy?  
The United States continues to hold the shameful distinction of having the largest percentage of its citizens in prisons and jails. With the DEA clinging to this irrational classification of cannabis, over 33 million otherwise law-abiding American adults remain criminals! In 2010, Harvard economist, Jeffrey Miron, did a study that indicated our government would save over $20 billion each year with cannabis legalization.  Confirming these monetary benefits, Colorado is experiencing an astonishing financial boom with full legalization. 
The original 1937 laws against “marihuana” were based on racism, corporate greed, and an attempt to maintain the political/economic status quo.  And today? Minorities are still arrested at far higher rates than whites. Equal opportunities for education are denied. Lobbyists protect profits by continuing to “donate” large sums to politicians. Needlessly restrictive and complex laws are passed, in spite of numerous studies citing the safety and effectiveness of cannabis. 
Cannabis prohibition is a failed, highly destructive social experiment that needs to end. So how do we end it? It’s simple. All you really need to do is spread the truth about this healing herb. 
And as my grandfather once said, long ago – “If the truth won’t do, then something is wrong!” 

Granny Storm Crow’s List – January 2016 – “If the truth won’t do, then something is wrong!” (Welcome/Home page)

January 2016 – “One major change in the List, all of the recent News Articles are now separate from the Studies. Between all the News Articles and Studies, the 2010-2016 “Conditions” section was just too big – over 1,600 pages of links! I think being able to read the information as news will speed learning for the beginners. And those of you who are “into” the studies, you won’t have to wade through all those News Articles to “get to the meat” …”

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Becoming ‘Granny Storm Crow’ an article from 2009 published on the Salem News website …

I am a well-respected teacher’s aide in my 60’s. I start my day with 8th grade math. I quilt, paint, sculpt and am an avid genealogist. I enjoy posting on several websites. My husband is disabled and on SSI. We live in a tiny rural town in California with our two adult sons. Our lives are filled with computers and books. We are all compulsive educators- a family of quiet, intellectual geeks. I lead a double life. I am a secret, international, medical cannabis activist. Even though I am “California legal”, I hide in the shadowy world of the internet. As the mysterious “Granny Storm Crow”, I influence cannabis-using people worldwide. Mostly what I do is I tell people about medical studies, but even so, I must hide my “secret identity”.

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