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‚ÄčClearing the Smoke and Mirrors  of  80 YEARS of FALSE INFORMATION !

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I want to thank you for visiting the site. This is a combination of over seven years of effort initially started in Arkansas in December 2010 in an attempt to end the probation on the Cannabis plant.  As you will find on this website most if not all the information provided by YOUR elected officials is not only false, it is misleading and has cost taxpayers untold millions and destroyed even more lives! 

It is a utter failure and people are still dying and families are being broken up because of misdirection and FALSE information!  It is my goal as a Disabled Vet and a great grandfather  to continue my efforts to put out the facts with sources in the hope that this MADNESS WILL END!

     I want to thank you for visiting, but I am but one person.  It is YOU THAT MUST make it happen!  As I have stated for years. " If you do NOTHING,NOTHING will be done"!



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